The term 'detoxification' gets thrown around often by alternative healthcare providers but most of us don't really know what it means

or why we should be concerned if we need to 'detox' or not.

Generally speaking, our bodies will naturally detoxify every spring, . Just as in nature the soil will turn over as new plants begin to grow in spring, the organs in our bodies will turn out old waste that has accumulated over winter eliminating waste through sweat, digestive waste and breath.

Spring is the season of renewal and preparation for nourishment and growth of summer. Sometimes we need some extra help cleaning out the old metabolic waste to ensure we have the best chance of transitioning smoothly to the next season. By using exercise, diet/nutrition and acupuncture/massage/hydrotherapy we can make the most of this opportunity provided in Spring to cleanse and energize our bodies.

A few suggestions for getting started


Beginning sometime in March, it's a good idea to be more mindful of what we're eating and drinking so as to not interfere with our body's natural process of eliminating waste from the cells and organs of the body. A general rule to follow is to eat a simple diet of protein and veggies and to limit sugar and alcohol. And of course, drink water.


It's also a good idea to moderate exercise in the spring. If you're accustomed to intense workouts over the winter try to reduce the intensity. Or if you've been a bit lazy over the winter it's time to begin moving more often and breaking a mild sweat a couple of times a week.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind with regard to exercising in spring is to try to feel more loose in the muscles and joints and lightly energized.

Toxins are released from the body through breath, so increasing your cardio exercise is useful for alkalizing the blood by increasing blood oxygen levels. 

Summer season is naturally a better time to indulge in intense workouts when our bodies are able to use the bountiful nutrition provided by nature to fuel new muscle growth and strength. So if you're feeling anxious at the thought of not having intense workout rest assured spring is a short season. You can go back to doing your tougher workouts in May.


Acupuncture and manual flushing/massage help to stimulate blood circulation which encourages detoxification. The movement of blood through the organs and tissues carries out old waste and toxins.

Hydrotherapy can also be useful in the spring to help detoxify the skin by sloughing off dry skin to unblock pores. Mild sweating from steam and sauna will help the body eliminate toxins from the skin and blood. Hydrotherapy includes the use of steam, hot tubs, or Epsom salts baths. Try doing one of these types of methods once a week.


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